Become a Network Partner and join us on this Journey

This is a very Unique opportunity giving medium to large businesses, investors and organizations the chance to own a 4 year Cluster license with very high POl potential while supporting buy local initiatives by simply investing.. The Cluster will be running non competitive local Advertising supporting local business in your area helping grow local economies post COVID-19. Grow your brand and community identify. Al of us is better than any of us. A community standing together creates a unique identity that defines it from all others
Who Benefits from being an NP

Allow us to take care of all the heavy lifting. We provide 10 Hosts for the cluster to host the hardware. We onboard a local Brand Partner to sell the Ads displayed 24/7 on the front facing position of the system which gains you revenue and handle the servicing and management of the live units and We do all this for you.

Command attention in your local community with your interactive touch engagement AD's with maximum network soakage pushed across the local network Cluster of 10 units.
Return on investment

Transforming storefronts in high foot traffic is what we do.

The storefront is a very high value advertising properistion, for 100's of years window
shopping has become an entrenched part of society on a global level. when you walk
past a store you are phycolically prepared to recieve bulk communication. you are drawn
to the storefront looking for new products, deals, sale items and you are willing to take
this information on board. Because of this key fastor fistig ver/ pest place to
to find our store and

We leverage this by becoming the first advertising company to deliver a paid advertising platform in this forum targeting local people to help grow local business and strengthen
local economies.

Real time ROI Tracking Calculation